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Refund/cancellation policies applicable in the following conditions:

This website  returns and exchange policy gives you an option to refund full amount of pdf books that have any page missing. online courses are non-refundable

a) In case, the buyer cancels the order online before the product has been shipped, the entire order amount will be refunded.

b) In case the item ordered has been shipped but has not yet been delivered to the buyer, the order can still be cancelled online. Total order amount after deduction of shipment and handling charges will be refunded. The refund will be processed, once receives the originally ordered item back intact from the courier.

c) However, the order once delivered/downloaded cannot be cancelled in any case.

d) In case there is an option for online download of data than cancellation will not be possible

e) In case of failed transactions or double realization of account for the same order, the total deducted amount will be refunded.

f) In case of cancelled order/failed transactions, the bank/card transaction charges of the buyer, if any, is likely to be forfeited

g) offers no guarantees whatsoever for the accuracy or timeliness of the refunds in the buyers card/account

h) In case of part cancellations, the amount refunded will be corresponding to the part cancellation

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